What's in a Name?

Filly & Colt, originally a children's clothing store, opened in Montreal, Quebec in 1979. Five weeks after opening, several original partners opted out and the sole remaining owner, Joy Ain transformed the business into her true passion — a women's wear boutique. The signage and bags had been ordered and that's how a sophisticated fashion-forward women's wear business has a name that conjures up young prancing horses.

Robyne Sobel, the current owner, was the first employee and immediately proved herself a talent for buying, as well as customer service. Relationships were built and before long loyal customers were bringing their moms, daughters and friends from all over the city and country to experience Filly & Colt. Not only was it a fun place to shop, the clothes were amazing and the way wardrobes were put together was something out of the ordinary. Robyne's eye for detail and wonderful memory for what her customers had previously purchased, made Filly & Colt a place for women who loved fashion. Whether you had a special event or needed clothes for everyday wear, it was impossible to leave without a huge smile and a penchant for more!

Success brought expansion and in 1986, Robyne Sobel and her mother Miriam Sobel became the proud new owners of Filly & Colt. They discussed a name change but vetoed the idea —Filly & Colt was a known and successful entity!

Childhood Dreams

The word was out. Magic happens at Filly & Colt. It did in the 80's and 90's and it continues today. After enlarging the store for the second time, Robyne's childhood dream to live in a warmer climate, was beginning to grow. After several investigative trips to different locations, the dream took on a realistic form and in 1997 the Boca Raton store was born. Running both stores was exhilarating but exhausting, and in 2002, Robyne and Miriam made the decision to close the Montreal store and make Florida their home.

Wild and Wonderful - An Eye for the Eclectic

Robyne's philosophy to buying and merchandising has never wavered —each item is handpicked to tell a cohesive story. That's why a top from one designer can be paired with bottoms from another to create a completely unique look. Although fashion trends are apparent, when you shop at Filly & Colt, it is more about your unique personal style. There are clothes for every body type and age and it's hard not to appreciate the originality in Robyne's selections for each season. A 28-year collaboration with Patricia Woods, a Montreal designer who designs exclusively for Filly & Colt under the Patricia Woods pour Filly & Colt label, has a huge following— each February her trunk show is well attended with huge anticipation for the new season.

Creative Customer Care

Robyne and her talented staff know their customers and remember prior purchases. Regular shoppers rely on the creative staff to be their personal fashion consultants and with the wonderful variety of hand selected shoes, handbags and accessories, Filly & Colt becomes a one-stop shopping experience.

Filly & Colt ships clothing all over Canada and the US to devotees who have been shopping at the store for over three decades. Their collective passion for fashion is apparent and the time spent with each customer makes Filly & Colt a unique experience.